What About School?

Considering Abortion? Get the Facts First. You Can Still Reach Your Goals.

Worried about how pregnancy will affect your school plans? Already in high school or enrolled in college? Pregnancy does not mean the end of your education, or your hopes and dreams. You have options.

Many high schools have programs that enable pregnant teens to continue their education and reach their goal of graduation. Talk to your counselor today to see what type of aid is available at your school and in your community.

If you’re in college, going to a community college or taking online courses can give you the flexibility you need to continue your education and still care for your baby.

Or, thanks to many caring local and national agencies, you can safely and confidentially transfer to another school or institution depending on what is right for you. It will be your decision and you will be able to pick what location, programs, and environment you want to transfer to as you work through your pregnancy. Your information will remain completely confidential.

Explore your options by calling us today.