Abortion Recovery

Post-Abortion Stress (PAS) is real. Abortion can leave an emotional, mental and spiritual impact upon women, their families and loved ones. The symptoms of PAS will not necessarily all appear at the same time, nor is it likely that a woman will experience the entire list.

Symptoms of Post-Abortion Stress (PAS)

Symptoms of post-abortion stress may include the following:

  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Depression
  • Confused thought
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Anger and resentment
  • Regret
  • Guilt
  • Self-destructive behaviors

If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, we can help. You are not alone.

Abortion Healing Counseling

Our Abortion Healing counseling is a free and confidential program that offers a safe environment where women struggling with post-abortion stress can receive the loving acceptance, understanding and encouragement needed to face their past abortion decision and deal with its lingering consequences.

Hear what one client has to say:

When I met with Ruth, she helped me through the feelings of depression and heaviness that I just could not shake, even years after my abortion. She was calm, comforting, and could relate to me.

A counselor will provide non-judgmental assistance to help clients receive the emotional healing they need. The client continues her story below:

I was not judged or made to feel ashamed. After completing counseling, a huge weight had been lifted from me – I felt like I had my life back! Now I wonder, ‘Why did I wait so long to seek this help?’ I recommend the abortion recovery counseling to anyone struggling with or thinking about a past abortion.”

Please contact the Pregnancy Center nearest you to speak with someone. Simply mention your interest in abortion healing counseling. Abortion healing sessions are confidential, private, and respectful. Your counselor will not judge you for your experiences. Trained, caring women are waiting for your call.

Did You Know?
Typical PAS symptoms include guilt, regret, remorse, shame, lowered self-esteem, insomnia, dreams, flash backs, and anniversary reactions.

Our female peer counselors will help you examine your options confidentially. Call today to make an appointment or just walk in.