Confirming the Pregnancy

Find out if she’s pregnant

We provide confidential and free pregnancy tests along with many support services. Our Centers exist to help both of you come to an informed decision. To help her understand your support, come with her for the pregnancy test. A woman has more to face in a pregnancy because it will affect her physically. If she truly is pregnant then she is already being overwhelmed by hormone changes. Having your physical support will reassure her that you care.

The Risks to your Partner

You may not realize this, but abortion has many risks to the woman- emotional, psychological and physical. While you may not experience the abortion physically, abortion will most likely affect you as well. If you care about this woman in your life, you will want to protect her from harm. You need to know the physical, emotional, and relational risks of abortion.

How our Center Helps

Our center can help you in a variety of ways should she actually be pregnant. Our support services include maternity clothes, baby furniture, parenting classes, and emotional support. You won’t be alone in supporting her in this pregnancy. We can help you share this truth with both families and explore all your options.

Did you Know?
Male counselors are available to assist you at our Centers.

Learn more about what a preborn child looks like.

Abortion Can Separate Relationships

Another interesting thing about abortion that we have learned from people that made this choice is that most couples break up soon afterwards. Abortion doesn’t seem to be the glue that holds a relationship together. Feelings of betrayal and hurt, compounded with the grief over the loss that results from abortion, can separate two hearts forever. If you care about this woman, encourage her not to abort.