At the Abortion Clinic

Abortion is Permanent

If you both determine to have an abortion and make it to the clinic, ask the clinic staff these questions:

  • What kind of abortion will she have?
    Will it be chemical or surgical? Ask about the risks. It’s important that you both sit through any discussion about the abortion procedure. Most women will appreciate a man who wants to be with them through this difficult time.
  • Who is the doctor and what are their credentials?
    Be sure to write down their name. Don’t let your partner sign any papers that might release the doctor from any liability if he/she hurts her. Confirm he/she has admitting privileges to the local hospital.
  • Check to see if the clinic is clean and sanitary.
    Many clinics are never inspected by governmental agencies. As a result, they can provide substandard and even negligible care to their patients.
  • If they offer ultrasounds, insist on being allowed to view the screen.
    Both of you have a right to view any medical tests that are being conducted.
  • Should your girlfriend/wife have any doubts, take her home. There is no rush to make this decision. Any hesitation at all on her part could mean significant regrets in the future. Always remind her that you will support her in the pregnancy and don’t want to push her into something she doesn’t want to do.
  • Accompany her throughout the clinic.
    Should the clinic staff seek to isolate you from your girlfriend/wife that is reason for immediate suspicion. Ask her to leave with you for the time being.


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