For Guys

Is Your Girlfriend Pregnant?

If you and your girlfriend are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be worried. You are not alone. Lots of couples experience a “surprise” pregnancy and immediately worry about how this will affect their future.

Abortion seems like an easy and legal choice but it does have significant risks of which you may not be aware. Having a baby doesn’t mean the end of your dreams.


She Needs Your Help

She needs your friendship and your strength now more than ever. It’s time to have an open and honest discussion. How does she really feel about the pregnancy, and how do you feel? Take the time to talk through how an abortion could impact your life and your relationship.

Do your research on abortion – find out about the procedures and potential risks; talk to someone you trust about the situation like a coach or a relative; encourage her to seek counsel as well. The Pregnancy Center offers you both a safe place to get the information you need and to speak to someone confidentially about your situation.


DO’s:  Stay calm.  Talk about it.  Listen to her.  Research all your options.
DON’Ts:  Shut down.  Bail on her.  Pressure her into something she may regret later. 


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